Plan, Design, Supply, Fabrication, & Construction – SAM Adventures- has got all your requirements covered!

At SAM Advventures, we understand what it takes to keep your clients happy. This is the reason why we leave no stone unturned to help our clients have a hassle free experience with our efficient and responsible solutions. So, in case you have a project in mind, then let our expert professionals guide you with it.

We will plan, design and bring on board a feasible layout for your project and take care of all your needs related to land reclaim and development, so that you do not have to undergo any inconveniences. Further, we also supply the necessary materials, equipment and products that help in the successful completion of your project. To make things all the more easier for you, we also assign a wellqualified supervisor who will pragmatically manage the construction of your project.

If you require, we can also handle the entire project on a turnkey basis. So, if saving your time and budget is your priority, we are just a call away!

Our flexible solutions include:

Terrain Analysis & Survey : An important part of land resource survey, Terrain Analysis helps in assessing the feasibility of the project layout through an extensive study of the given landform. Torna makes use of the latest survey equipment to find key details about thevarious aspects of the proposed terrain such as Global Positioning System (GPS), altitudes, distances and angles amidst the activities.

Site Plan : If you require a detailed and professional solution for your site’s layout, then Torna Adventure Solutions is there to help you out. We deliver exceptional Site Planning Solution which easily provides you a complete visual outlook or blueprint of the project – giving you a glimpse of the bigger picture.

Conceptualization : No project fully begins without understanding the core objectives of the client. As they say – ‘Well begun is half done’, so we make sure to conduct regular meetings with our clients to completely comprehend their objectives, financial constraints and exact requirements. With the help of concept sketches, 2D and 3D digital designs, we bring on table a detailed course plan and design, which is actually carried on after receiving the client’s consent.

Sag Analysis :  line, we are there to assist you with a comprehensive Sag Analysis report. We commence the analysis by evaluating various points like finalising the ground line contour, arrival and/or departure tower requirements as well as the optimal cable sag requirement, so as to make sure that your zip line consists of the best possible slope and proper toe clearance for riders, giving them a truly memorable and safe experience.

Engineering : SAM Adventures takes pride in taking care of its customers’ needs with high quality solutions that are backed by solid engineering skills. Our civil, structural and geotechnical engineering services make sure that all of your products are constructed under the guidance of an expert team of seasoned engineers, delivering results that stand through the test of time and hard weather conditions quite easily.

Fabrication : To ensure that our customers, like you, get utmost satisfaction from our products, we take the responsibility of designing and fabricating all of our products at our state of the art facility, steered by knowledgeable designers and engineers. We use Steel and Wood Fabrication to give you nothing but the highest quality products.

Installation : No matter whether you want indoor or outdoor installation of your products, once they are manufactured and fabricated by the pool of well trained professionals at Torna, these are then installed with utmost meticulousness to provide you a trouble free use, for years to come.

 Administration & Training : Manufacturing adventure based products and installing them is not our aim, we 

endeavour to deliver a well managed experience to our clients. This is why we offer guidance and training onall the operational skills which are necessary to assure safety, emergency planning, care, evacuation and administration of the products. Apart from providing expert administration solutions and training to your staff, we can also take care of your marketing and promotional campaigns – giving you the competitive edge that you are in need of!

Inspection : Ensuring safety in adventure sports is not a one time activity. To deliver long term safety to your customers, we conduct regular on site inspections quarterly, semi annually or annually, based on your requirements and usage.

Project Management : In this advanced age, nothing works successfully if there is a void of proper planning and management. To help you fill this void and to keep a track of your project, we employ a proper Project Management solution in place through a web-based project management tool which is easy to access from anywhere and at any time. With the help of our tool, we let you experience transparency, better communication and great results.

Architectural Lighting : When people seek adventure, they seek real pleasure for the eyes as well. To that end, we offer brilliant Architectural Lighting solutions to help fancy and beautifully radiant lights add more charm to your business in the night. So, make the surroundings come alive by bringing adventure and vibrant lighting together.